Sharing Better Team Member Posts on Social Media

Sharing Better Team Member Posts on Social Media

It is hard to relate to the vague idea of a company, but it is easy to relate to people. One of the best ways to connect with your followers is by introducing the people that work with you.

Do a team member post for each member in your team. Give them a space where they can present themselves and share a little of what it is like helping your customers. Encourage them to share a little about themselves. You can make it into a series and introduce one every week.


  • Remember these posts are about your team rather than the company.
  • Use high quality photos of your team. Consider scheduling a professional photo shoot.
  • Ask each member in your team to write a one liner about why they love your company.
  • Share about what they do.
  • If your company is too large you can consider introducing them by departments using a group photo.

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