Ask Questions to Increase Engagement on Social Media

Increase Social Media Engagement Asking Questions

One of the best ways to get a conversation started is asking a question. Think of a simple question that will get your audience engaged.

Ask positive questions, social media loves positivity. Make a question where most of your followers will want to answer yes.

Ask your followers for their opinions on things. Do you prefer ceramic or glass tiles in your kitchen backsplash? (Home Services) Which dish would you love to eat today a juicy steak with rice or scampi shrimp with pasta? (Restaurants/Catering) Pick your favorite Truck, SUV or Sedan (Dealerships & Auto Shops)


  • Don’t forget to follow up and read the comments and answer them.
  • Use a good image related to your question.
  • Ask questions in your other posts too.
  • Do not pick controversial topics.
  • Do not ask questions about politics or religion.
  • Whenever possible use pictures for the options.

Hashtags for comparison questions:

#thisorthat #thisorthatseries #option1+vs+option2 #option1+or+option2 #theme+fight (ex: #foodfight)

Sample Question Post to Increase Social Media Engagement