What to Post When Attending an Industry Even or Training?

What to Post When Attending an Industry Event?

Are you attending a conference, training, or industry event? Let your followers know with a series of posts. Share how excited you are that you will be attending before the event. Then during the event share photos of you and your team. If possible share a picture of something that calls your attention during one of the presentations, add to the post your opinions or takeaways. After the event is over, share a post with a summary of the things you have learned.

This series is good to let your customers know you stay current with industry.


  • Take photos of you and your team at the event.
  • If your employees are participating tag them in the photos.
  • Create a post on what’s new in your industry or what you learned.
  • Remember to make Before, During and After Event Posts.


#EventName #EventName+Year

Attending an Industry Event Example Post