Celebrate Your Team Members

Team Member Birthday Post

Is anyone in your team celebrating a birthday? How about one of them getting married or having a birthday? Most people go to social media to see how their friends are doing. They like to join in your celebrations. This is a great way to show your business is made up of people.

Remember this post first and foremost is to celebrate your team. Give them public recognition. Don’t forget to celebrate them offline too. Give them a handwritten note. Nowadays they are rare and that makes them even more meaningful.


  • Make a calendar with all the birthdays in your team.
  • Take pictures of them beforehand. Even better take pictures of the celebration. People engage more when looking at photos of real people.
  • Share why they are special.
  • If you have a large business you might not want to post them individually. You can post a monthly celebration.
  • Tag your team member in the picture.


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Team Member Birthday Post