Share Your Business Hours

Share Your Holiday Hours on Social Media

You might say that it is time consuming to update your service hours, but providing your customers with accurate and timely information is extremely important. Imagine a customer that drove all the way to your store just to find it closed. There are customers who after an experience such as this one leave a bad comment or review.

Facebook Pages don’t have a place where you can add special holiday hours like you can on Google My Business or Yelp. In this case the best way to deal with it then is to share a post. You can also add the information to your business description temporarily.

Also keep in mind that not everyone will take the time to look up your contact information. Sharing an occasional post with your regular business info is a great way to make it easy for people to reach you.

Here are other times when you might want to share your hours and information. You recently moved. Your schedule is not easily visible on your website. You work only on specific times of the day. If you only take receive people with appointments or reservations.


  • Use a branded template.
  • Make a calendar of upcoming holidays or when you plan to have different service hours.
  • Share your hours a few days in advance.


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Don’t forget to also add your holiday hours to Google My Business, Yelp, and Bing.

Sample Post of Business Sharing Holiday Hours