Share Discounts & Offers on Social Media

Share Discounts & Offers on Social Media

Sharing special offers on Social Media is a great way to reward your followers.

When you have a special offer, make the most out of it. Design a whole campaign around it. Share a preview regarding the special before it starts. Share a few times during the time you run the special. After the offer ends, let your customers know that you’ll be running other specials in the future to keep those who could not use it this time still interested in your company.


  • Get creative, name your campaign with a catchy word or phrase.
  • Use quality photos of the product or photos related to the service.
  • Let your customers know that it is time sensitive.
  • If there are any rules, be clear about them. If people know what to expect, you won’t have angry customers.
  • If you make it a contest or giveaway make sure to follow the rules of each social media site!


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