Share Fun Facts of Your Industry or Community

Engage and Inform Your Customers with Fun Facts

Spread a little knowledge about your industry in a fun way. People always love to learn trivia and new things. Even the law can be fun for everyone to learn when presented the right way.

Another subject you can share about is your community. Let give you a couple of examples.

Earlier today I was talking to someone about the funniest street names I know. Let me tell you. To the south of Houston, where I used to live, is Lake Jackson. There you will find streets with names such as This Way, That Way, Center Way, Circle Way. Yeah someone had a lot of fun naming them.

There is a park in Cypress, TX with a message “238,800 miles to solitude”. In case you are wondering, that is the distance to the moon.

What fun facts do you know about your city or town? Does the park where you go to walk have funny messages?


  • Make it short and use common language.
  • Cite your source when necessary.
  • You can also post a fun fact about your local area.
  • Use high quality photos or a branded template.


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