Make a Post Asking for Reviews

Asking for Reviews on Social Media

Don’t know how to get started getting reviews? Many of your best customers are the ones who already follow you social media. This makes it a great resource to tap and get started with your online reputation.

What stops many from getting more reviews on social media, is not knowing how to ask for them. The good news is that Trustpilot has already studied how to do it. Here are the top three reasons people write reviews:

  • To help others make a better buying decision.
  • To share an experience.
  • To reward a company for a good service, product or policy.

Read the study here.

With this in mind, ask your customers to tell their experience with your company and let them know how sharing it will help others.

The other thing that keeps people from leaving reviews is not knowing how or where. It is very important that you give specific instructions and even better put a link in the post.


  • To get better reach on your post, make a personal video.
  • Be specific where you want people to write the review.
  • Put a link to the review site.
  • Do this sparingly.
  • Thank your customers for their feedback.
  • Share the best reviews you receive as posts.


Don’t use hashtags on a post asking for reviews. You want this to appear only to your existing audience.

If you need help managing your social media or gathering reviews don’t hesitate to contact us.

Asking for Reviews on Social Media